Friday, July 24, 2009

BioNik - Something About Protein

Aku tengah sediakan nota utk my students.. after 4 months, at last, aku dapat start mengajar and have my own students. So aku kene baca balik semua nota2 yang berkenaan since aku dah tinggalkan teks book for the last 4 month. Hm. Dpat gak la aku bayangkan betapa dasyatnya student aku berperang dgn kebosanan melampau utk hafal all the facts dalam text book tu. Semoga Allah mudahkan ilmu untuk mereka. Aku yang dah bacateks book tu berpuluh-puluh kali pun still rasa agak tertekan. But then, knp aku suka bio?

Masa kat skolah dulu, aku kenal bio as a subject full of facts, similar to subjek sejarah. Just hafal everything to score. Tak dapat dinafikan, mmg sekarang pn aku still give that advice to my students, HAFAL. Hafalan mmg penting dalam mana2 subjek pun. Tp yg bezanya, if ure memorizing sth you love rather than sth u have no idea of… that’s a big different. Biology is full of wonders.. full of things that will make you amazed, awed.. in some way, biology can be sth that makes u close to Allah, makes u realize Allah’s great blessings for us. U re only gonna think that way, when u really pay attention in what u learn. I mean, u cant simply appreciate sth if u don’t really know them. Rite? In a nutshell, PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS! DON’T SLEEP! L.O.L!!

Just kidding.

Here one simple bio story.

Proteins = biological machine; benda yg buat semua kerja dalam badan kita. Protein terlibat dalam semua proses dalam badan… membesar, melihat, bercakap, bergerak.. EVERYTHING! Salah satu cth ringkas, ialah utk bergerak

UTK bergerak, kita semua kene makan untuk dapat tenaga. dan our essential bahan asas utk tenaga ialah glucose (sth u find in nasi, ubi, roti…). This glucose (atau nama kampungnya, gula ringkas) contain lots of energy, ready to be converted and transferred to ATP (the molecule that carry and distribute energy to other parts of our body). ATP hantar energy ni ke merata-rata, ke otot, otak, tulang, jantung… supaya organ2 ni sume bleh berfungsi dgh baik. Too much eating nasi, all the excessive glucose will be converted into glycogen, sth that can be kept and used again when needed. The conversion is made by a biological machine called protein insulin.

Glycogen are kept in liver. When too much glycogen is kept in liver, sampai la tak muat nk simpan dah.. glycogen ni akan kena tukar jadi fat…(by another protein). Fat ni disimpan kat sejenis tisu namanya adipose tissue. Adipose tisu ni terletak kat byk tempat dalam badan.. kat perut, bwh kulit.. parts that makes u look fat (L.O.L).

So the thing is, insulin must convert excessive glucose into glycogen… if not, glucose terlalu banyak dalam badan, maka terjadilah suatu masalah yg kita panggil sbg PENYAKIT KENCING MANIS. (pening dah ke?)

How our body build this important INSULIN?

Protein is made by another bio-machine called ribosome. Ribosome will get information (mcm manual mesin la..) how to build specific protein. this information is taken from the headquater of cell, the NUCLEUS. NUclues keep all the codes (information) to build all types protein needed by the whole body.

This is the code yg perlu utk hasilkan 1 biji INSULIN.. badan kita hasilkan berjuta2 insulin. (the 2 double rows of alphabets)

Dalam badan kita ada more than 20 000 different types protein (salah satunya insulin). Some of them are bigger and some are smaller… imagine how long the code would be needed to build all these proteins?
You’ll need thousands of books to write those codes and put them on shelves mcm kat library… but Allah build all of the codes and compact them into our every tiny cell (which we can’t even see with our naked eyes?)

THE END of my lecture...
Goodluck everybody. Mina Gambatte!

“We have indeed created man in the best of molds. Then do We abase him (to be) the lowest of the low. Except such as believe and do righteous deeds: for they shall have a reward unfailing” (AT-Tin:4-6)